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The 5 most creative campaigns of Christmas 2020

When designing their 2020 Christmas campaign and TV advert, brands had to make some tough choices. Choices that were all the more delicate as many companies absolutely had to boost their Christmas sales to save their year: there was no way they could miss their targets! Was it necessary to tackle the health crisis head on, at the risk of further “dampening” the holiday mood? Should the pandemic be totally concealed, even if it seemed out of touch with reality? Should we use humour or rather play the emotions card? To inspire you, we take a look at the most creative Christmas campaigns and the major trends for the end of the year.

Molson Coors Aims for Wonder in its 2020 Christmas Campaign

Molson Coors, a company working in the beverage industry, has decided to reenchant the holiday season! In practice, it’s rolling out a brilliant cross-channel campaign around its famous Coors Light beer, so popular with Americans. It includes:

  • First, a crazy TV and social network commercial featuring the Holiday Beerman, a snowman who magically came to life. At first the atmosphere is rather gloomy, but when the Beerman happily sings the hit song “More Than a Feeling” by the Boston band, accompanied by a Yeti on electric guitar, the garden and the house suddenly light up under the amazed gaze of a passer-by;
  • and secondly, the “Build Your #Beerman” challenge. Launched a week later by actor Adam Devine himself, it invites consumers to create their own Beerman with what “they have on hand”. They can then post their photo on Twitter or Facebook with the #Beerman and #Contest hashtags. And don’t forget to explain why they think they deserve the “Winter Wonderland”. Because this is the prize to be won! The brand is offering to decorate the winner’s garden with REAL snow and various illuminations. And of course, it will also bring him a generous amount of beer… Estimated value of the prize: about $10,000 (carrying real snow is very expensive).

One can only admire the creativity of this Christmas campaign. From the advertising spot to the exceptional prize of the contest, everythingis done to re-enchant the festive season. Exactly what consumers need right now! In fact, more and more people are taking part in the contest on social networks…

Show Must Go On” with Amazon

Another very creative Christmas 2020 campaign is the one broadcast by Amazon on TV and social media. As with the Coors Light spot, the atmosphere was rather gloomy at first, but the situation eventually improved: it perfectly reflects the hopes of the population in these times of health crisis. Amazon , on the other hand, chose to clearly mention the epidemic in its spot !

Concretely, this advertising film follows the adventures of a young ballerina whose dance school closes abruptly because of the coronavirus: the announcement of the closing of schools on television is the only passage discussed. We then see her practicing on her own, oscillating between courage and despondency until the final apotheosis: a magnificent show on the roof of a snowy building. To the tune of Queen’s “The Show Must Go On”, the young ballerina takes graceful steps under the admiring gaze of her neighbours at their window.

A nice nod to the many shows that took place in the courtyards and on the roofs of buildings from the first confinement. And above all, a beautifulmessage of hope: with perseverance, one can overcome all difficulties and make one’s dreams come true!

Christmas Campaigns 2020: 3 major trends to remember for the coming months

If we all wish for a good year 2021, the crisis is likely to continue for some time. This is why we invite you to use the good practices of these campaigns for your future actions!

Talk about the crisis without sounding like one.

While some brands have tackled the pandemic head-on, many Christmas campaigns have only a hint of the pandemic. Indeed, theyfocus on the new expectations and concerns of the population without insisting on the health context . Admittedly, the exercise may seem tricky at first glance. But it allows you to anchor your advertising message and/or
your societal commitment in the news without openly evoking the coronavirus. This is a very good point when you consider that many people can no longer bear to hear about the epidemic “all the time”. Especially during festive periods! A concept to be studied closely, especially for your Valentine’s Day campaign.

Put a smile back on your targets

Since the beginning of the health crisis, the population needs human warmth and entertainment more than ever,so it’s the perfect time to offer fun and interactive campaigns. Like the one launched by Coors Light, for example. Keeping in mind that you don’t have to offer a very expensive prize if you’re launching a contest! Indeed, you can very well create a “wow effect” with a reduced budget. The main thing is to offer a fun challenge and an original prize: use your imagination!

Focus on a cross-channel strategy

The last major trend to remember is the deployment of a cross-channel strategy. Indeed, almost all brands have deployed their 2020 Christmas campaign on both traditional channels (TV, radio) and social networks. Depending on the case, the latter allowed :

  • essentially to hit more targets;
  • orextend the campaign with interactive content.

A logical phenomenon, given the phenomenal growth of social media since the beginning of the crisis! In fact, many companies have integrated them into their marketing strategy, well before the holiday season…

We therefore invite you to use them in your future campaigns! If needed, don’t hesitate to follow a social network training to optimize your results. Nowadays, there are some for beginners as well as for more experienced users. Also, you will easily find online training courses, so you can follow your courses at home, even in a confined space.

On that note, all that remains is for us to wish you a happy holiday season!